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Get involved with NanoFabNet Project!
From Wednesday 20 January 2021
To Thursday 21 January 2021
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NanoFabNet, International Hub for sustainable industrial-scale Nanofabrication, is a two-year EU-funded project under Horizon 2020.  The project consists of fifteen partners from nine European countries and the USA, supported by an international advisory board comprised of experts and decision-makers from across Europe, Japan, Israel, and the USA.

NanoFabNet aims to foster better cohesion across the research, industrial, and policy-making sectors. The consortium’s central objective is to create a strong international network for sustainable nanofabrication, whose structure, business model, detailed strategies and action plans are designed, agreed, and carried by its international stakeholders during the project duration. This will lead to the establishment of the upcoming NanoFab Hub next year.

Currently, NanoFabNet partners are organising several opportunities to engage the professionals in the nanotechnology and sustainability sectors. Three opportunities are available now, and we highly encourage all interested stakeholders to take part in these activities:

1)      Surveys- NanoFabNet has two open survey and is currently seeking input from relevant stakeholders. The are i) A Value Proposition Survey, addressing issues and develop products and services that will be relevant, valuable and impacting to the nanotechnology field. This survey takes only 5-10 minutes and can be accessed HERE. ii) A Validation, Harmonisation, & Standardisation Survey, focusing on the validation of technology, harmonisation across developments and a suitable standardisation framework that can ensure trustworthy outcomes. This survey takes about 20 minutes and can be accessed HERE.

2)      Stakeholder registration- Professionals and industry experts who are interested to stay in-the-loop about opportunities and news from the growing NanoFabNet network should register as a stakeholder in our community! Doing so will allow you to access our newsletter, events, and other materials, and will allow you to contribute and share your expertise in our wide network. Registration is free, please click HERE.

3)      Development workshop- On January 20th-21st, 2021, NanoFabNet will be hosting its 2nd Nanotechnology Development Workshop online. This interactive event will allow attendees to discuss the challenges and opportunities currently facing the sector, as well as the chance to connect to other professionals and researchers to build the nano community. The main theme will focus on ethics, sustainability, infrastructure, and skills. This workshop is free, and all interested nanoscience and sustainability professionals are encouraged to attend. Pre-registration is now open, and can be accessed HERE.

NanoFabNet is committed to building bridges and interlinkages across our ecosystem to like-minded initiatives. We welcome all interested individuals from ReSiSTant project to join us!

For further information, please contact Faith Blakemore, NanoFabNet Communication & Dissemination Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or visit our website: https://www.nanofabnet.net/

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