ReSiSTant Project at the SICT 2022 Conference

SICT 2022



ReSiSTant Project has participated in the SICT 2022 Conference where we have carried out our workshop with the title "Simulations, high resistant nano-coatings development, applications, and new manufacturing processes for future worldwide applications".

Barcelona hosted SICT 2022, one of the most important scientific events of the year in relation to the research and development of new surfaces, interfaces and coatings and the ideal setting to show the advances of Resistant in riblet coating. The event has been a real success thanks to the quality of the speakers, and the impact of their talks.

The Resistant project pursues the optimization of two industrial pilot lines through the use of micro and nanostructured surfaces to reduce friction. The objective is to implement these new developed surfaces in 1) Aviation turbofan engines and 2) Industrial Compressors. The benefits gained from this technology include increased efficiency, reduced CO2 and noise levels, as well as a positive economic impact. Idonial works on the industrialization of the project developments and on the dissemination of the results.

More information about the event here.