ReSiSTant Project Final Online Workshop (2)

Next October 20th our final workshop will take place. In order to reach a wider audience, it will be held online. As our project is in its final stages, there are already many interesting outcomes and news that will be explained by our experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about the application of nanotechnology on aircraft turbofans and industrial compressors to boost their efficiency!

To register to the event please send an email with subject “resistant workshop“ to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  who will provide to you your personal link.

Final Online Workshop, 20th October 2022, 10:00 a.m. (CET)

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

Andreas Flanschger, Project Coordinator, (bionic surface technologies)

10:05 RESISTANT main outcomes

Potential of Nano-Surface Treatments and Riblet Coatings for Centrifugal Compressor


Michael Meyer (MAN Energy Solutions), Sophia Jörg (RWTH Aachen)

Aerodynamic Investigation of a Turbine Vane Frame with Riblets

Simon Pramstrahler (Graz University of Technology)

Nano-enhanced coating system for industrial compressor application

Alessandro Piras (Nanto Cleantech)

Development of microstructured coatings and manufacturing of painted Riblets for

application in Test Rigs

Yvonne Kowalik (Fraunhofer IFAM)

11:30 Coffee break

Business models for the exploitation of the results of the Resistant project

Ricardo Casasola, IDONIAL

Exposure assessment to nano-objects during spray coating operations in the workplace

Teresa Beone (RINA-CSM) and Fabio Boccuni (INAIL)

12:00 Invited Projects

DIAGONAL – “Development and scaled Implementation of safe by design tools and guidelines for

multicomponent nanomaterials and High Aspect Ratio Nanoparticles”

Susanne Resch (BioNanoNet)

SUSNANOFAB – “Integrated EU Strategy, Sevices And International Coordination Activities For

Promotion Of Competitive And Sustainable Nanofabrication Industry”

Margherita Cioffi (RINA)

12:30 Roundtable